HKL offers variety of lending services to demanding borrowers both for personal and business purposes....
 HYSA account is a special savings deposit product designed for customers...
HKL offers Local Money Transfer as the best solution for customers who wish to transfer money...
HKL ATM machines is ready to serve with variety of functions both cash and non-cash...
HKL offers MyMobile Banking service as branchless services, allowing customers to perform...
HKL offers Payroll services to enterprises, companies, non-governmental organizations...
Latest Events
 Notification on Delay of Disclosure of First Quarterly Report of 2020 of Hattha Kaksekar Limited
Notification on the Payment of Interest on Bonds to Bondholders of Hattha Kaksekar Limited
Phnom Penh – May 05, 2020: After the assessement of Hattha Kaksekar Limited (HKL) operation and risk management, TRIS Rating Co., Ltd. from Thailand affirmed the company rating on HKL at “BBB+”. HKL is recognized as one of the leading microfinance institutions in Cambodia, obtained the company’s credit rating at “BBB+” for two consecutive years. It is another achievement to reflect that HKL has grown stronger in the current financial market as well as in the future.  
Phnom Penh – May 01, 2020: Hattha Kaksekar Limited (HKL) is recognized as one of the leading microfinance institutions in Cambodia, has joined the SME Co-Financing Scheme which was initiated by the Government of Cambodia. The purpose of this project is to provide loans to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) with the low interest rate in order to support SME growth in Cambodia.
We wishes to notify investors and public that Hattha Kaksekar Limited has increased registered capital from USD 75,000,000 (United States Dollars seventy-five million) to USD 115,000,000 (United States Dollars one hundred and fifteen million) on February 11, 2020
Phnom Penh – April 06, 2020: Hattha Kaksekar Limited (HKL), the second-largest microfinance institution in Cambodia with more than 26-year experience has been serving its customers with excellent customer care and continuing in expanding its financial services.    
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Achievement YTD January 31, 2020
Number of Office 177
Headquarter 1
Total Number of Staff 4,568
Male 3,321
Female 1,247
Loan Outstanding USD 1,087 M
Number of Active Borrower 172,169
Deposit USD 591 M
Active Customer 262,498
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