Khjey Luy Ban Luy Lucky Draw First Group Winners | Hattha Kaksekar Limited
Khjey Luy Ban Luy Lucky Draw First Group Winners

Congratulation to the winners of Khjey Luy Ban Luy first lucky draw session!The total winning prize of KHR 10 million of HKL Loans promotions went to 7 HKL clients from different provinces and cities.

HKL was reported to contact directly to the winners and hand their prize through secure bank transfer in the near future.

The clients who did not winner during the first month lucky draw would be provided another opportunity to enter for next rounds until December 2017 and win exciting prize in total of KHR 320 million.

Apply now for HKL Loans and enjoy this extra benefit !
Contract our nearest office or center through 023 999 266

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Achievement YTD 30 September, 2017
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Number of Office 163
Headquarter 1
Branches Office 59
Sub-Branches Office 104
Total Number of Staff 2,983
Male 2,017
Female 966
Loan Outstanding 519 M USD
Number of Active Borrower 118,697
Deposit 369 M USD
Active Customer 221,012
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