Hattha Kaksekar Limited Held “Green Market “Environmental Campaign | Hattha Kaksekar Limited
Hattha Kaksekar Limited Held “Green Market “Environmental Campaign

Kandal 08 July 2017: Recently, Hattha Kaksekar Limited has incorporated with Ministry of Environment and government body of Takhmao city to organize an environmental education on how to reduce plastic bag consumption. The event was held under the name of "Green Market" with purpose to share understanding of cause and effect from overwhelm daily use of plastic bag. 

Besides peer to peer education to local retailers and households, more than 100 HKL staffs did also give away recycle ecofriendly bags to local people. Based on HKL staff, there were approximately 20,000 eco bag which HKL had planned to share across the country. 

After gathering with officials from government body and related supporters, Green Market was started at 8:30am following by fun activities of eco bag giveaway and peer education for 2 hours. The fruitful result was presented during and after the event, which HKL staffs and donated materials was welcomed and strongly supported from the local residents. Coming to the end, Oknha Hout Ieng Tong‚ President & CEO of HKL, expressed his profound thank to all event participants mainly to officials from Ministry of Environment and Takhmao administration office for their strong commitment in helping people get more awareness especially contributing in making Cambodia less plastic consumption. He, in addition, stated that HKL aimed to continually organize this meaning event in order to spread information and generate more awareness among Cambodian people regarding this important issue across the country. He believed in good environment as necessary key factor in bringing healthy living condition to people and more importantly reducing cost of medical care, benefit in their personal financial management. 
HKL has built a solid portfolio of social contribution over the years including donation of hospital facility, school building, study material, cleanup day, road safety education, financial management workshop and others.

About Hattha Kaksekar Limited: 
HKL is the third 3st largest microfinance institution in Cambodia, licensed by National Bank of Cambodian (Central Bank). HKL’s core business services include Credit and Deposit products, while featuring services are ATM, local Money Transfer, Mobile Banking, Payroll, Micro insurance, Collection and other financial services. By June 2017, HKL deposit balance was more than USD 370 million (220,499 depositors), while credit portfolio was more than USD 491 million (117,878 borrowers). In 2016, HKL was acquired by Bank of Ayudhya (Krungsri), the fifth largest commercial bank in Thailand and a strategic member of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), Japan’s largest banking group and one of the world’s largest and most diversified financial groups.



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