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Hattha Kaksekar for Beautiful Beach City

Sihanouk Ville 11 February 2017 : “Hattha Kaksekar for Beautiful Beach City” was a social activity organized by Management and staffs of Hattha Kaksekar Limited (HKL)  in Sihanouk ville. This CSR event was held with more than 300 participants, gathering to clean the beach city along main streets and coastal areas.

There were three big groups assigned to work at different areas; Group 1 and 2 started their clean up activity from HKL SNV office along Ekreach Boulevard toward Group 3 which was responsible for beach area at the Rising Star monument. Not only did HKL staffs, but government officials from provincial environment municipal and media reporters also contributed in this campaign with joy and fun. After approximately 1 hour of cleanup activities, Oknha Hout Ieng Tong shared his opinion to TV reporters with appreciation note to the officials who strongly supported HKL to hold this resourceful activity.He personally regarded the participation and contribution as a role model in generating awareness of environment protection and pollution reduction. He would encourage all Cambodian and tourists to practice proper waste management for their everyday life and especially take care of coastal areas as part of tourist attracting site. Finally, he sent his profound thank to board of director, Management and all staffs for making this social campaign happen and wished their safety for their trip back to work after General Assembly 2016.

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