Expanding Operational Network and Providing the Best Customer Services as HKL Strategic Direction for 2017 | Hattha Kaksekar Limited
Expanding Operational Network and Providing the Best Customer Services as HKL Strategic Direction for 2017

Sihanouk Ville 10 February 2017 : at conference hall of Sokha Beach hotel, Hattha Kaksekar Limited (HKL) has held a general assembly 2017 as an annual event to gather Board of Director, Top Management, Senior Head of Department and front line Managers from all branch offices across the country. Opening the conference, Oknha Hout Ieng Tong, CEO and President of HKL, welcomed and shared all participants a report on HKL business achievementin 2016. 

First of all he expressed his profound thank to all management and staffs from supporting departments and especially frontline team who had been very dedicated to their assigned tasks. The great contribution was a major resource mobilizing 2016 to be one of the most successful years for HKL. As statistic, HKL loan portfolio had reached more than 435 million USD with more than 11 thousand borrowers(by Dec 2016). HKL had been reported with remarkable portfolio growth of approximately 22% higher, while average growth in the industry was only 18%. For Savings and Deposit services,there were more than 22 thousand depositors subscribing to HKL services with approximately 356 million USD deposit balance(by Dec 2016).Apart from business management, HKL paid attention into good governance and employee care. Since starting in early 90s, HKL was recognized with a low rate of employee misconduct and fraud. For upcoming year 2017, Oknha  Hout Ieng Tong point out that HKL as a subsidiary to Krungsri bank would continue maintain and improve quality in financial services and especially to bring in new technology and capacity in develop variety of products and services fit to needs and wants of financial market in Cambodia. Respecting strategic direction of 2017 business plan, HKL aimed to constantly expands  branch network and operation area to bring HKL services closer and closer to customer. Facility and modern IT infrastructure were to be developed and equipped, offering best customer services through more than 2 thousands skills staffs. Before handing the stage to other honorable speakers, , Oknha  Hout Ieng Tong once again expressed his appreciation for priceless efforts from all management and staff contributing to great achievement of HKL as set by strategic plan in timely manner.

At the event closing, there was an award giving session, offering appreciation letter to loyalty staffs, elite staffs, and best performing branches. The annual conference was closed by a dinning party with fun and joyful environment.




Annual Report 2016
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ATM Network
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Achievement YTD 30 September, 2017
Welcome to Achievement
Number of Office 163
Headquarter 1
Branches Office 59
Sub-Branches Office 104
Total Number of Staff 2,983
Male 2,017
Female 966
Loan Outstanding 519 M USD
Number of Active Borrower 118,697
Deposit 369 M USD
Active Customer 221,012
Business Partnership (%)
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