Hattha Kaksekar Dak Ban Dak Ban Program Found 16 Winners | Hattha Kaksekar Limited
Hattha Kaksekar Dak Ban Dak Ban Program Found 16 Winners

Phnom Penh 21 Jan 2017: Hattha Kaksekar Limited has recently organized their highly anticipated annual lucky draw event to find the luckiest clients winning their grand prizes. The event was held on a live entertainment program at CTN TV station under witness of many audiences, CTN staffs, and HKL Management team. As a result, 16 winners from different cities and provinces were selected from a lucky draw box with more than 50,000 tickets.

The 1st prize of 3 Damlung pendant went to  Mr.Sim Sokly from Phnom Penh, while the second prize of 2 Damlung pendants went to 5 people-Meas Buntha from Kandal, Kong Kannitha from Phnom Penh, Huot Piseth from Phnom Penh, Seng Lenghuot from Phnom Penh, and Uk Nov from Battambang. The other ten clients winning the third prize of 1 Damlung pendant were Sen Chanrangsey from Kandal, Sok Dara from Phnom Penh, Buon Sikieng from Kampong Cham, Yauk Tevorn from Phnom Penh, Kuon Vong from Sihanouk Ville, So Lida from Phnom Penh City, Kruy Chou from Kandal, Nov Samoeurn and Sok Sokuntheary from Phnom Penh.

After the event, Onhka Hout Ieng Tong President and CEO of Hattha Kaksekar Limited provided a short interview and shared his remark regarding the success of Hattha Kaksekar Dak Ban Dak Ban program. He stated that Dak Ban Dak Ban program had been developed specially for Term Deposit clients to enjoy extra benefit in addition to many other benefit of HKL Term Deposit services. The same as other financial services, Dak Ban Dak Ban had gained strong support from HKL clients. By this point of time, HKL had been serving more than 200K active clients subscripting to HKL Saving and Deposit services. This figure was the main motivation tools making HKL more dedicated to our market. HKL always set a high commitment to continue maintaining quality in services and integrating innovation to bring HKL to another level.

On behalf of Management and staff of Hattha Kaksekar, Onhka Hout Ieng Tong sent profound thank to all HKL clients, who always trust and support HKL business. For upcoming Chinese New Year, he wished business partners and all clients having happiness and prosperity.

Hattha Kaksekar Limited facts:

By the 4th quarter of 2016, HKL has 153 branch offices and 123 ATM machines, operating within 25 provinces/cities across the country. HKL has active borrowers of 117,029 clients with loan outstanding of 435 million US dollars.The institution has served 224,416 depositors with deposit balance of 356 million US dollars.

Annual Report 2016
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Achievement YTD 30 September, 2017
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Number of Office 163
Headquarter 1
Branches Office 59
Sub-Branches Office 104
Total Number of Staff 2,983
Male 2,017
Female 966
Loan Outstanding 519 M USD
Number of Active Borrower 118,697
Deposit 369 M USD
Active Customer 221,012
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