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CEO&CBO Becomes the 4th​ HKL Futsal Champion

Phnom Penh 03 September 2016 : CEO&CBO has become the 4th HKL football champion after 6 month tournament around the country.  HKL organized a final match between team from Business Development Department (CEO&CBO) and Stueng Saen Branch (SSN) in order to seek for the winner of 2016 season.  The two teams had been through various matches with 59 other teams from all departments and branch offices, before becoming nominees to this event. This final football match was organized in fun and joyful environment with many participants from both Head Office and Branches.

Soon after the match started, all participants did enjoy a good form of football from both teams. Skills, energy and team spirit were clearly illustrated by each player. At the beginning of first half, Team SSN was playing very well with dominant ball possession leading to 1-0 scoring over CEO&CBO.  There were many opportunities for Team CEO&CBO; however, the attempt didn’t manage to get through SSN goalkeeper. Situation seemed to change dramatically after new CEO&CBO players joined the field. A new form of CEO&CBO displayed with more repeating attack technique making this team lead in scoring of 3-2 until nearly end of the match. Patience and high determination were fire of Team SSN making this team fighting back for result of 3-3, which sent the match to another exciting event of 11 meters shot. Excitement together with overwhelming support from fans made every player feel more energetic and more committed to bring the trophy to their own branches. After 3 shots from both teams, Team CEO&CBO produced showed their strength with result of 1-0 winning Team SSN and became the 4th HKL Football Champion for 2016 tournament.

Mr. Ros Vol‚ EVP & Chief Internal Audit Officer of HKL expressed his appreciation to all teams playing that day and especially to the team spirit, mutual understanding and friendliness which were clearly displayed by all players and representatives of each team during the matches. These honorable actions were precisely what HKL had aimed as objective of this event. Building and maintaining good relations between employees and management at all levels and especially providing welfare of all employees were always key criterion HKL prioritized.

He started that every game seems like a team work which required contribution from each participants in combination with effective leadership style. What had been is even more impressive by was the spirit of sportsmanship and sense of understanding between all players, reflecting discipline and good qualities of each HKL staff.

At trophy giving ceremony, CEO&CBO received a No. 1 trophy and KHR 2,000,000.00, while running up winner received KHR 1,200,000.00. The 3rd place winners also got KHR 400,000.00 as their reward.

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