Saving Account
Saving Account

Savings Account is a voluntary saving which customers are able to deposit and withdraw any amount at any branch, and at any time through HKL ATM networks. Minimum balance required for this account is only 5 USD (equivalent to other currencies), allowing customers to earn very competitive interest rates up to 2.75% depending on the currency.

Account Name Interest Rate
Saving Account 2.50% 2.75% 2.50%

Note: Not applicable for Financial Institution.  These rates are subjected to change without further informing.

Annual Report 2016
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Achievement YTD 30 June, 2017
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Number of Office 163
Headquarter 1
Branches Office 57
Sub-Branches Office 106
Total Number of Staff 2,631
Male 1,833
Female 798
Loan Outstanding 491 M USD
Number of Active Borrower 117,878
Deposit 371 M USD
Active Customer 220,499
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