Customer Profile

Hattha Kaksekar Limited is a quality and transparency oriented microfinance institution operating across the country. Based on company vision and mission, HKL commits to serve resourceful financial services to customers both in rural areas as well as urban cities. To meet demand from different background clients, wide rank of products and services has been developed and offered rigorously including loans for micro small medium and large entrepreneurs along with deposit services and other services. HKL has an active client group from age of 26 to 55 years old, who mostly finished secondary education. They are reported as breadwinner, which generate family income through different occupations such as agricultural activities, retail and mechanize, trading, small-scale services, garment employment, and others. The majority of HKL customers are married person with children. In average, they have 4.76 members in their household with 2.57 (in average) income generators. Female has higher rate in comparison to male client, subscribing to HKL products and services due to their important roles in family cash management. Micro and small loan are successfully applied amount customers living in rural areas, while medium and large loan is capable to customers who are living in provincial town and cities. HKL has provided flexible policy of loan requisition and repayment method. Based on central data collection, customers are in favor in monthly installment rather than balloon and semi-balloon, which the total amount of loan will be gratefully deduced month by month.

Requirement to acquire HKL financial services

Individuals, who aim to request for financial services from HKL, are required to follow criterion below.

  1. Cambodian citizen
  2. Permanent resident in HKL operating area
  3. Sustainable business and secure income
  4. Occupation not again the law
  5. Clean profile without any crime history
  6. Possession of certificate of identity and property ownership
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Achievement YTD 30 September, 2017
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Number of Office 163
Headquarter 1
Branches Office 59
Sub-Branches Office 104
Total Number of Staff 2,983
Male 2,017
Female 966
Loan Outstanding 519 M USD
Number of Active Borrower 118,697
Deposit 369 M USD
Active Customer 221,012
Business Partnership (%)
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