Savings and Deposit Service

HKL serves savings and deposit services to potential depositors who are interested in perform daily transaction through branch and branchless network at HKL.
HKL Saving accounts offer competitive annual interest rate along with many value add services including ATM, Mobile Banking, Local Money Transfer, and others, while HKL Term Deposit provides high interest rate to depositor who are interested in investing their funds.

Types of Savings Accounts
  • Savings accounts
  • Ezzy account
  • Smart account
Types of Term Deposit Accounts
  • High Income Deposit Account
  • High Return Deposit Account

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Achievement YTD 31 Mar 2018
Number of Office 173
Headquarter 1
Total Number of Staff 3,265
Male 2,228
Female 1,037
Loan Outstanding USD 630 M
Number of Active Borrower 128,990
Deposit USD 384 M
Active Customer 226,136
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