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Latest Event

Sihanouk Ville 11 February 2017 : “Hattha Kaksekar for Beautiful Beach City” was a social activity organized by Management and staffs of Hattha Kaksekar Limited (HKL)  in Sihanouk ville. This CSR event was held with more than 300 participants, gathering to clean the beach city along main streets and coastal areas.

27 February, 2017

Sihanouk Ville 10 February 2017 : at conference hall of Sokha Beach hotel, Hattha Kaksekar Limited (HKL) has held a general assembly 2017 as an annual event to gather Board of Director, Top Management, Senior Head of Department and front line Managers from all branch offices across the country. Opening the conference, Oknha Hout Ieng Tong, CEO and President of HKL, welcomed and shared all participants a report on HKL business achievementin 2016. 

14 Febuary, 2017

Phnom Penh 21 Jan 2017: Hattha Kaksekar Limited has recently organized their highly anticipated annual lucky draw event to find the luckiest clients winning their grand prizes. The event was held on a live entertainment program at CTN TV station under witness of many audiences, CTN staffs, and HKL Management team. As a result, 16 winners from different cities and provinces were selected from a lucky draw box with more than 50,000 tickets.

01 February, 2017

Phnom Penh 19 Oct 2016: Hattha Kaksekar Limited, a leading microfinance institution in Cambodia, has officially announced their success in integrating with Bank of Ayudhya (Krungsri Group), one of the top commercial banks in Thailand. The remarkable event was celebrated on 19 October 2016, with present of many honorable guests at the venue of Sofitel Phukeetra Phnom Penh.

09 December, 2016

Phnom Penh 03 September 2016 : CEO&CBO has become the 4th HKL football champion after 6 month tournament around the country.  HKL organized a final match between team from Business Development Department (CEO&CBO) and Stueng Saen Branch (SSN) in order to seek for the winner of 2016 season.  The two teams had been through various matches with 59 other teams from all departments and branch offices, before becoming nominees to this event. This final football match was organized in fun and joyful environment with many participants from both Head Office and Branches.

20 September, 2016

Joint Statement between the Association of Banks in Cambodia and the Cambodian Microfinance Association addressed on recent concerns over development in the rice industry in Cambodia.

20 September, 2016

All prospective and current customers are invited to join a special promotion of Vey Luy Free Free program and benefit different advantages from opening a Saving Account at Hattha Kaksekar Limited. With 9 month promotional period, all customers who are current possessing or newly open a Saving Account at HKL will be offered a free of charge money transfer from their account to their relatives, friends and especially business partners. This transaction can be easily done through 153 HKL branches,Mobile Banking and ATM machines all around 25 cities and provinces in Cambodia. Customers can perform their transfer at any place, anytime, even at night time from their home with highly secure and convenience service.

14 September, 2016
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Achievement YTD 31 December, 2016
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Number of Office 153
Headquarter 1
Branches Office 56
Sub-Branches Office 97
Total Number of Staff 2,415
Male 1,625
Female 790
Loan Outstanding 435 M USD
Number of Active Borrower 117,029
Deposit 356 M USD
Active Customer 224,416
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